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Over 90% of sampled salt brands globally found to contain microplastics

Only three of the salt brands studied did not contain any microplastic particles in the replicated samples

Over 90% of sampled salt brands globally were found to contain microplastics, with the highest number coming from salt sourced in Asia, according to a new study co-designed by Kim, Seung-Kyu, Professor at Incheon National University and Greenpeace ( East Asia.[1] For photographs: The study, which has been published in…

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How Cameroon’s Stolen Wood Reaches International Markets

A Greenpeace Africa (  investigation into illegal logging operations in Cameroon has uncovered a trail of stolen timber leading to Cameroon’s main log exporter Compagnie de Commerce et de Transport (CCT), and has reportedly prompted a government audit into the activities of CCT and its suppliers. That audit should include the…