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Greenpeace: Fishmeal industry stealing regional food and livelihoods in West Africa

All three species of fish used for fishmeal and fish oil (FMFO) are essential for food security, and already overexploited

Greenpeace ( is calling on West African governments to immediately phase out the wasteful fishmeal and fish oil (FMFO) industry, to stop the threat to regional fish stocks essential for the food security and livelihoods of local people, outlined in a new Greenpeace report released today. The report, entitled A…

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Loss of lives at sea: Greenpeace calls on the Senegalese Government to improve safety at sea for small-scale artisanal fishermen

The latest report published by the Directorate for the Monitoring and Protection of Senegalese Fisheries (DPSP) shows that in 2017, 92 accidents resulting in 140 deaths, mostly of artisanal fishermen, were recorded

Greenpeace Africa ( has today, released a new documentary on the numerous cases of small-scale fishermen who have lost their lives in Senegalese waters. Over the past 2 years, at least 226 fishermen have lost their lives at sea or have been declared missing. Link for the photographs -…

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    • The repercussions of stock depletion due to overfishing on food security and the economy of West Africa
    • Feeding the poor: Contribution of West African fisheries to employment and food security
    • Répercussions de l’appauvrissement des stocks halieutiques dû à la surpêche sur la sécurité alimentaire et l’économie en Afrique de l’Ouest
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Urgent action needed to solve West African food security threat

In only twenty days, Greenpeace and fisheries inspectors from Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone and Senegal came across 17 vessels contravening applicable rules

Vessels arrested for illegally fishing in West African waters are still carrying on with business as usual, said a Greenpeace Africa ( report released today on World Fisheries Day ( The report, “The Cost of Ocean Destruction”, details how West African fishermen and communities continue to suffer from the consequences…