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Greenpeace Africa congratulates Gambia on its decision to ban timber exports to combat trafficking

This decision echoes the call by the CITES to several states including The Gambia to suspend the trade in rosewood, a protected and particularly endangered species

Greenpeace Africa ( congratulates Gambian authorities after their decision ( to ban timber exports to combat illegal logging. A statement from the Gambian government released on 1st July 2022 declared : "All existing permits issued for the export/re-export of timber are hereby permanently revoked" and adds that "the export and…

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Greenpeace: Fishmeal industry stealing regional food and livelihoods in West Africa

All three species of fish used for fishmeal and fish oil (FMFO) are essential for food security, and already overexploited

Greenpeace ( is calling on West African governments to immediately phase out the wasteful fishmeal and fish oil (FMFO) industry, to stop the threat to regional fish stocks essential for the food security and livelihoods of local people, outlined in a new Greenpeace report released today. The report, entitled A…

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Guinea Bissau President José Mário Vaz visits Greenpeace ship after arrest of illegal fishing vessels

The Greenpeace ship Esperanza is currently on an expedition in West Africa to document the threat from overfishing to the marine environment and food security for millions of Africans depending on fish to survive

Four fishing vessels have been arrested in Guinea Bissau waters after joint patrols by Greenpeace ( and the Fisheries Surveillance Department of Guinea Bissau, FISCAP, found multiple fishing infringements. The findings of the joint surveillance were presented to President José Mário Vaz on his visit to the Greenpeace Ship ‘My…