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    • Batches of salted and dried fish for the local market and imports, in a village near Lake Upemba, DRC, July 2022. Any oil spill in the region would be devastating to the livelihood of local communities. Credit: Junior Kannah/Greenpeace Africa
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With new coal uninsurable, insurers start to move on oil and gas

62% of reinsurers now have coal exit policies and 38% have oil and gas exclusions as shift away from fossil fuels accelerates

Insurance company restrictions on oil and gas are finally starting to catch up with those on coal, according to new data ( from the Insure Our Future ( campaign, co-published with Greenpeace ( Ahead of COP27, the campaign coalition argues that insurers must now fully exit new coal, oil and…

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Greenpeace Africa reacts to Alarming UN Plastic Report Findings

It also demonstrates the impact of plastic, at every stage of its production, on underprivileged communities

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) launched a scathing report about plastic and environmental inequality, which shows how countries within the Global South are being force-fed plastic pollution by wealthy countries. The report, titled Neglected: Environmental Justice Impacts of Plastic Pollution (, exposes the truth about how the plastic industry…

Greenpeace Africa
Source: Greenpeace Africa |

Kenya Still at Risk Despite UN Plastics Nod: Greenpeace

Our government must be firm and must stay true to its efforts against the plastic pollution crisis which is exacerbating climate emergencies

In the lead up to the UN summit being held in Nairobi, UNEP ( has named Kenya as an emerging leader in the fight against plastic pollution and among the first countries in East Africa to sign the Clean Seas initiative ( Responding to these developments, Greenpeace Africa ( senior…

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Thoughts and prayers alone won’t suffice”: Greenpeace Africa calls for coordinated climate action following cyclone Eloise

Thousands across the continent are rising to demand leaders declare a climate emergency

President Filipe Nyusi is set to embark on a trip ( to areas affected by Cyclone Eloise, as damages are being assessed in Mozambique and neighboring countries, after it struck three days ago. “Thoughts and prayers alone won’t fix the climate crisis at the heart of the cyclone,” said Happy…

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The Power is in Your Hands: Over 20,000 Implore CS Maina to Say No to Kenya-US Plastic Deal

The proponents of single-use plastics are pushing for more plastic production and exportation into Africa

After months of pressure, Hon. Betty Maina, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and Enterprise Development finally met with Greenpeace Africa ( to receive the 20,000-strong petition calling for her to take a stand against advocacy from lobbyists from the American Chemistry Council to make Africa a dumping site. “We…

Greenpeace Africa
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Greenpeace Report: Intensifying weather events threaten the most vulnerable in Africa

Weather across sub-Saharan Africa has become more extreme and unpredictable in the twenty-first century

A Greenpeace scientific report released today reveals that extreme weather events such as heatwaves, floods and intense rain are increasing in intensity, frequency and severity across many parts of Africa, gravely threatening human health, food security, peace, and biodiversity. Download Document: Weather across sub-Saharan Africa has become more extreme and unpredictable…

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Industry Lobby the US Government to Make Africa Backslide on Plastics

The efforts by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) would undo progress that Kenya and other African states have made to address plastic pollution

The American Chemistry Council has lobbied the US government during the COVID-19 pandemic to use a US-Kenya trade deal to expand the plastics industry’s footprint across Africa. Documents obtained by Unearthed -- Greenpeace’s ( investigative journalism platform -- through the Freedom of Information Act separately show that the same lobby…

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Greenpeace Africa on floods across the continent: “Without Climate Action we’ll be queuing for Noah’s Ark”

With floods hitting at least 16 African countries, Greenpeace Africa urges leaders to act for the people and against climate change

Rains have increasingly been torrential in the past months, striking large parts of East Africa and elsewhere, in unprecedented intensity in decades, causing at least dozens of deaths, displacement of more than one million people. Greenpeace Africa ( calls on Africa’s leaders to provide immediate aid to those affected, but also…

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Greenpeace: Fishmeal industry stealing regional food and livelihoods in West Africa

All three species of fish used for fishmeal and fish oil (FMFO) are essential for food security, and already overexploited

Greenpeace ( is calling on West African governments to immediately phase out the wasteful fishmeal and fish oil (FMFO) industry, to stop the threat to regional fish stocks essential for the food security and livelihoods of local people, outlined in a new Greenpeace report released today. The report, entitled A…

Greenpeace Africa
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Greenpeace Activists Ship Plastic Monster Back to Nestlé’s Factory in Kenya

Activists also held protests at Nestlé offices in the Philippines, Germany and other countries across the globe

Greenpeace Africa ( activists and volunteers delivered a #PlasticMonster partly covered with Nestlé branded plastic packagingright back to its source: the Nestlé factory servicing Kenya and other East African countries calling on the multinational corporation to end its reliance on single-use plastic. Activists also held protests at Nestlé offices in the Philippines,…