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Greenpeace Africa congratulates Gambia on its decision to ban timber exports to combat trafficking

This decision echoes the call by the CITES to several states including The Gambia to suspend the trade in rosewood, a protected and particularly endangered species

Greenpeace Africa ( congratulates Gambian authorities after their decision ( to ban timber exports to combat illegal logging. A statement from the Gambian government released on 1st July 2022 declared : "All existing permits issued for the export/re-export of timber are hereby permanently revoked" and adds that "the export and…

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Industry Lobby the US Government to Make Africa Backslide on Plastics

The efforts by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) would undo progress that Kenya and other African states have made to address plastic pollution

The American Chemistry Council has lobbied the US government during the COVID-19 pandemic to use a US-Kenya trade deal to expand the plastics industry’s footprint across Africa. Documents obtained by Unearthed -- Greenpeace’s ( investigative journalism platform -- through the Freedom of Information Act separately show that the same lobby…

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How Cameroon’s Stolen Wood Reaches International Markets

A Greenpeace Africa (  investigation into illegal logging operations in Cameroon has uncovered a trail of stolen timber leading to Cameroon’s main log exporter Compagnie de Commerce et de Transport (CCT), and has reportedly prompted a government audit into the activities of CCT and its suppliers. That audit should include the…